Here is a selection of projects we have had the opportunity to work on:

Popp/Smith Residence - We transformed an existing residence into a place where a family could grow.

Monmouth Residence - Designed with a small footprint and specific attention to energy efficiency this "grandmother's house" serves as a place where the whole family can come together for special occasions.

Happy Valley Residence - An excellent example of how our design process seamlessly transitions into construction documents and then into the final project.

Siletz Residence - An Arts & Crafts style home located on the Oregon coast.

Sweet Yoga Studio
- Constructed using straw bales, this yoga studio is a relaxing place where one can come and practice yoga. 

Kitchen, Dining & Living Transformation
- Updating a segregated kitchen, dining room, and living room so that all of the spaces relate and flow to one another.

Ranch Style Redo - Transforming a 70's style bachelor pad into a place where family is the focal point.

Modern Living - We took a 1970's living room into the 21st century.

Farm Home Renovation -  Witness the transformation of an aging farm home into something spectacular.

Open House - We open up the inside of the house to the outside, allow the interior spaces to become one, and create a second story for additional living space.

Money Magazine House - Featured in Money Magazine, we transformed this home from something the clients couldn't live with to something they couldn't live without.

Corvallis Modern House - By maintaining a small footprint & incorporating a number of other sustainable features, this residence is a true stand-out, in both design and sustainablity.

Farm House Kitchen Addition - We turned a cramped kitchen into something the whole family could use.

Simple Sunroom - With one design move we meet a number programmatic requirements while opening up the interior to the exterior.

Yachats Village Project - Located in Yachats, Oregon, the village is composed up of a wide variety of units, encouraging the development of a diversified community.

Beazell Forest Education Center - A muli-purpose facility designed for Benton County, Oregon.

Benton County Fairgrounds, Phase 1 -  Working with the master plan done for the Benton County Fairgrounds in 2005, we designed the Fairground's future Exhibition Hall, courtyard, main concourse, paved parking lot and the renovation of the existing Benton Arena, which is currently underway.

Monroe Library -  The town of Monroe, Oregon has outgrown its current library.  Currently in construction documentation, the new facility will provide the surrounding communities a place to gather, interact, and learn.

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