Monmouth Residence

  Currently under construction in Monmouth, Oregon, this project was designed for a grandmother.  She wanted a place where her children and grandchildren could visit, play, and share memories.  
  Sustainability was also a driving force in the design.  To minimize site impacts as well as resource consumption, we shrunk down the footprint of the building to a mere 1200 square feet.  We also opened up the south elevation of the house with shaded, operable windows, which will allow the sun to radiate heat into the house during the winter.  During the summer months, the shading will block unwanted solar radiation, and the windows will open, allowing for natural ventilation to take place.  The exterior walls were designed with rigid insulation mounted on top of the wall framing, in addition to the insulation located inside the walls.  For the second floor, we used attic space trusses, which eliminated the need for both floor and wall framing, using the space created by the roof trusses to serve as the most open space in the entire house
.  By having the roof structure serve "triple duty" (as the floor, walls, and roof) we saved a considerable amount of money on construction labor, and also dramatically reduced the amount of wood needed to build this project.  

  The Monmouth residence serves as an excellent example of the types of sustainable solutions we strive to achieve.  By utilizing smart design strategies and construction techniques we reduced the amount of natural resources required to build the project, maximized the structure's energy efficiency, all while creating a beautiful space for family and friends to enjoy.

Street View

East Elevation

View From the South West

Floor Plan PDFs:

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

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Entry     Living Room     Craft/Bunk Attic Space

Exterior Pan

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