Beazell Forest Education Center

  Originally constructed in the 1930's from lumber surrounding the site, the structure of the historic Plunkett family barn served as the base for what is now the Beazell Forest Education Center, a multi-purpose facility used for group gatherings, parties, and educational seminars.  

  The Forest Education Center stays true to its roots as a barn. Much of the original structure remains and plays a crucial role in the experience of the Forest Education Center. Existing interior partitions and flooring were reused in various ways throughout the building, from creating bench seating to serving as guard rails.  The barn's original siding was stripped off and reused either as siding or as interior partitions.  Low impact construction techniques were utilized, minimizing site disturbance and allowing the surrounding environment to quickly return to its original state.

  The Beazell Forest Education Center epitomizes the kind of work Broadleaf Architecture excels at.  An existing structure has been given a new life through careful planning, sustainable practices, and hard work.

Main Entry

Main Entry

Interior View

Multi-Purpose Room

Main Entrance

Main Entrance Interior


Existing Barn Before Renovation

Existing Barn Before Renovation

All completed project images © Jenerik Images Photography

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Floor Plan of the Beazell Forest Education Center

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