Corvallis Modern Home

  The Corvallis Modern Home is an exciting project.  The clients were very specific in their request for a sustainable, modern home, and we delivered.  We carefully placed the building on the northern most portion of the site, while simultaneously shrinking its footprint.  Below is a brief list of the sustainable features we incorporated in this project.
  • Shaded south facing glazing.  This allows the home to passively gain heat from the sun during the cooler winter months, while blocking unwanted heat gain during the warmer summer months.
  • Located the garage under the house.  This shrunk the building's footprint considerably, allowing for a greater percentage of pervious area on the site.
  • Insulated Concrete Foundations.  We used insulated forms that remain in place once the concrete has cured, eliminating the "standard" waste associated with concrete.  The insulated forms also increase the home's energy efficiency.
  • Higher than required insulation values.  Early on in the design, we incorporated thicker exterior walls and roof to allow for a greater amount of insulation, which will decrease the amount of energy required to heat & cool the home.  
  • We designed the stairwell to maximize the heat stack effect.  What this means is that during the summer months, the stairwell (which connects all levels of the house) will collect the hotter, unwanted air and move it up and out of the house.
  • We strategically located operable windows throughout the house to take advantage of the natural breezes, as well as allowing the individual occupants to control their immediate environment.
  • Roof mounted solar panels.  The main south facing roof was designed to maximize both the size and orientation of the future solar array.

Street View

View from Backyard.

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First Floor Plan PDF
Second Floor Plan PDF

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