Open House

  Located on a beautiful spacious lot on the outskirts of Corvallis, this residence had turned its back on its surroundings. Access to the backyard was through either a side door on the garage, or through a bathroom conviently located away from the majority of the living spaces. In addition, the kitchen, dining, and living rooms were all closed off from one another, giving the spaces a very "enclosed" feel.

  In our design, we also opened up the living, dining and kitchen areas to one another enabling the spaces to share light, space, and allowing seemless transitions from one area to the other.  Off of this integrated space, we provided direct access to the backyard in addition to creating a spacious covered porch area to enjoy on those relatively uncommon rainy days in the Willamette Valley.

  In addition to opening up the floor plan & access to the surroundings dramatically, we also added a second story over the existing master bedroom suite.  This addition gave the client's children their own bedrooms, a bathroom and play area, all of which we are sure will get put to good use.


Dining Room & Staircase


Back Porch

Back Porch Exterior

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