How We Work

 After an in-depth discussion about the scope and driving forces behind the project, it is time to start designing.  A huge difference between us and other designers & architects is our use of three dimensional computer modeling software.  Instead of being limited to working in two dimensions, the software allows us to sculpt space in all three dimensions.  This may seem relatively straight forward, but to this day, many designers & architects still rely on two dimensional drawings to show clients their design.  Simply put, we do not experience space in two dimensions.  The computer model allows our clients to actually see the different designs three dimensionally.  Being able to "walk-through" a project before anything has been finalized is not only helpful in understanding how the space would look and feel, but also helps to minimize any expensive changes down the road.  

 By working with the computer, it allows us to easily create images, floor plans, as well as seamlessly integrate with other computer software.  This is extremely helpful during the design process, where changes are constantly taking place, each affecting the final product.  In order to ensure that the design follows our client's requests, we create a personalized web page where we post images, Quick-Time videos, and PDF documents of the project for our clients to look through.  This allows our clients to review the design on their own, making changes and providing additional input where needed.  The web page serves as a place where clients can look at numerous design schemes at one time, pick and choose the elements that appeal to them, and then provide us with precise feedback as to which elements of the design worked for them and which ones did not.  We feel that this on-going dialogue with our clients separates ourselves from other designers and architects and enables us to deliver a better product to our clients.

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