Here at Broadleaf Architecture, we are committed to delivering buildings that are sustainable.  To us this means designing buildings that are energy efficient, create less waste, and that use less resources.  We understand that the built environment puts a great demand on our natural resources, and we strive in all aspects of our work to minimize our impact, whether it is re-purposing our used office paper into notebooks we use everyday to  specifying local materials to be used in a project.  

  Rather than designing a project and then trying to make it sustainable through the use of imported "sustainable" materials, expensive specialized glazing, or the latest "greenest" roof, we incorporate sustainability from the ground up.  Starting with how we orient the building on the site, locate different functions within the building, to specifying the types of finish for the floors and walls, we incorporate sustainablity into every step.  

  For more information regarding sustainable buildings, please refer to our Sustainability section.

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