Sustainability - What is it?

  Sustainability means different things to different people.  As such, we will only offer our thoughts on what sustainability means to us.

  Sustainability starts with being conscious of the demands we put on our natural environment, ecosystems, and resources.  Being sustainable means that we take responsibility for these demands, and do everything we can to minimize them.  In order to be sustainable, we need to reduce our consumption of the earth's natural resources, reuse (or find new uses for) items that have been derived from these resources, as well as find ways to give back to our environment.  

  Being sustainable is not something that you can do once and be done with.  It is something that you need to incorporate in all aspects of your life, from the cup of coffee or tea you get from your local coffee shop, to the car you may (or may not) drive.  We encourage you to find out what sustainability means to you; whether it is by researching online, in libraries, or by talking with your friends & family.  Getting involved with groups in your local community is a great way to learn more about the issues surrounding sustainability while simultaneously being a part of the solution in your area.  

  Please consult our Sustainable Resources page for more information. 

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