Energy Efficiency

  Energy efficiency plays a huge role in sustainability.  Energy efficiency basically means using less energy for the same level of service.  
By using our resources in smarter, more efficient ways, we can significantly reduce the demands we put on our environment.  

  There are many methods to make buildings more energy efficient.  Minimizing the amount of air leakage into (and out of) a building by utilizing tight construction techniques, installing low-E value & low U-value windows, using high-efficiency furnaces, light fixtures & appliances, as well as increasing insulation values above what is required by local building codes are all excellent ways to increase energy efficiency.

  Being energy efficient does not stop when you buy all the latest energy saving technologies.  You have to also be diligent in turning off lights, appliances, and other fixtures when they are not in use, as well as taking the steps necessary to properly maintain your energy efficient equipment.

  Please consult our Sustainable Resources page for more information.

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