Building Information Modeling

  Whether you work in the construction industry or are thinking about building a project, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is truly revolutionizing the way projects are designed, documented, and built. Since the beginning, Broadleaf Architecture PC has embraced this technology and what it has to offer.

  As architects, we cannot say enough good things about Building Information Modeling.  It allows us the freedom to explore complex spaces in three dimensions, examine individual building components and modify their properties to reflect real world constraints.  Previous to BIM, if we made a change to the project, that change would "ripple" through the rest of the drawings, each of which would have to be manually updated to reflect the latest iteration of the project.  Not only is this process extremely tedious and time consuming, but also increases the potential for costly errors and mistakes.  With BIM technology when a change is made, the entire model automatically updates itself.  This saves us time, and those savings are passed directly onto the client.

  Since we have been using BIM technology long before it became the latest fad in the construction industry, we have the experience necessary to educate others about BIM and help them to integrate it into their own practices. It is exciting to consult with people about Building Information Modeling, as they bring their own unique questions, concerns, and comments, which ultimately make us more proficient at utilizing this technology.

  If you are interested in learning more about what BIM can do for you and your practice, please feel free to contact us.

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